Finally, after way too long time I’ve given some attention to this site. I had already replaced the main page with a profile (kind of like a resume page) a few months earlier, but that was more of a hack that kind of broke WordPress. This new design makes use of a custom made WordPress […]

Corrupted files during development using PhpStorm & Vagrant

I’m currently trying to develop my own WordPress theme from scratch (called “Tengu” but be warned: at time of writing it’s nowhere near usable yet). And I encountered a rather odd bug: part of the style.css file would get corrupted when viewing through the browser. I am using PhpStorm on Windows and for live testing […]

Keep WordPress & phpMyAdmin up-to-date with a single command II

A few years ago I wrote about keeping WordPress & phpMyAdmin up-to-date with a single command. While those methods still work it is time to make a few changes (and revive this blog while I’m at it, it has been too long). First off, using Subversion to track stable versions might keep WordPress itself up-to-date […]

Keep WordPress & phpMyAdmin up-to-date with a single command

Notice: see this follow-up post for better ways of keeping WordPress & phpMyAdmin up-to-date. Keeping up-to-date with the latest versions of commonly used web software such as WordPress and phpMyAdmin can be a bit of a drag if you would have to manually download, unzip and upload new files through FTP each time a new […]