Finally, after way too long time I’ve given some attention to this site. I had already replaced the main page with a profile (kind of like a resume page) a few months earlier, but that was more of a hack that kind of broke WordPress.

This new design makes use of a custom made WordPress theme. Not quite the one I talked about a few years prior, but a new attempt called “Prutser” (mainly named so because I also own the .com domain). The theme makes use of Bootstrap 4 and is based on the Gutenberg Starter Theme, the Twenty Nineteen Theme and Understrap Theme (for Bootstrap integration solutions).

The basic Prutser theme, like Understrap, looks rather plain and boring. To spruce things up the child theme makes use of Bootswatch’s Litera style (though modified to oddly look more closely to Bootstrap’s default). The profile page I previously mentioned is now integrated into the child theme.

I really like the end result, it looks fresh and clean again, words that the old (ancient) theme I used before didn’t inspire. And to be honest that theme was so old that I wasn’t sure if it would work on PHP 7, which this site now also finally runs on.

Will I use this new theme as an incentive to write more on this blog? Maybe not, as I would like to start a few other sites using the same Prutser base theme + Bootswatch style combination.