Incremental banning with Fail2Ban

Fail2Ban is a useful tool to keep bad traffic away from your server or VPS. It scans log files for suspicious entries (like failed password entries for SSH logins) and can ban the IPs of these attackers automatically. Naturally if a bot from a certain IP continues to attempt to attack your server or VPS, […] refresh

Finally, after way too long time I’ve given some attention to this site. I had already replaced the main page with a profile (kind of like a resume page) a few months earlier, but that was more of a hack that kind of broke WordPress. This new design makes use of a custom made WordPress […]

Hemingway Editor review

To improve the content of my websites I looked into writing tools recently. It is easy just to hit the “ABC” button in WordPress or copy your text in Word, but that won’t tell you if your text has style errors. The first tool I stumbled upon was Grammarly, but some digging suggests they have […]

Corrupted files during development using PhpStorm & Vagrant

I’m currently trying to develop my own WordPress theme from scratch (called “Tengu” but be warned: at time of writing it’s nowhere near usable yet). And I encountered a rather odd bug: part of the style.css file would get corrupted when viewing through the browser. I am using PhpStorm on Windows and for live testing […]

Fixing a Let’s Encrypt certificate renewal error

So just a moment ago I was wondering why my Let’s Encrypt certificate on a particular server wasn’t renewing. I’m using a simple script called acme-tiny for Let’s Encrypt as it’s just about the lightest implementation for it.  However it failed with this error message: Traceback (most recent call last): File “/home/user/”, line 198, in […]