Visei Internet currently maintains the following sites (in addition to this blog):

  • The Emulator Zone
    Console & computer emulator downloads and news.
    Traffic/month: 5.0M pageviews / 1.0M visitors
  • AnimeSuki (closed) and Forum (still operational)
    The main site is currently closed, however the forum is still fully operational.
    Traffic/month: 5.9M pageviews / 353K visitors
  • Fanzub (closed)
    Usenet search engine for Japanese media (mainly anime). Site has been closed due to lack of interest to keep it running. The source code has been made available here:
    Traffic/month: 80.3K pageviews / 3.3K visitors
  • (currently closed)
    Free image hosting. Site was closed as it needed a complete overhaul.
    Traffic/month: 644K pageviews / 226K visitors

Traffic figures as of April 2012. Complete Visei Network traffic can be viewed on Quantcast.

There are also several more sites in development or planning stages.