Visei Internet was founded to manage my websites in a professional way. With 12.5 million pageviews and 2.1 visitors per month (as of August 2011) it was hard to keep calling it just a hobby.

About the owner

My name is Gerard Krijgsman, I’m 33 years old and currently living in Leerdam, the Netherlands. I have been employed in IT jobs at places as World Online (later Tiscali) and Apple Computer International (in Cork, Ireland). I’ve been “online” since 1996 and have been tinkering with various websites in that time, with several of them becoming reasonably popular.

I have studied MBO “Technische Informatica” at Scutos in Utrecht and HBO “Oriëntaalse talen en Communicatie” at the Hogeschool Zuyd in Maastricht. That last course actually focuses mostly on the Japanese language, which I can speak/understand and read/write to a certain degree.

What is in a name?

“Visei” was originally meant to be the title of a site which I never got around actually developing: a “visual seiyuu” database. Or simply put, a unique form of anime voice actor database. However it struck me that the name was short and easy to remember. So I chose it as the company name for that reason.